Mohawk Canoes

on Jan 29

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The Challenge

Mohawk is one of the top canoe builders in the country, specializing in custom fitted canoes.  Their current website was very dated and was not very easy to navigate to the information that you wanted.  They wanted to create a unique landing page that would grab new customers’ attention while also setting their site apart from others.  For the main site, Mohawk wanted to simplify the navigation of the site while keeping the site clean and focused on simple imagery.

The Solution

We created a landing page that showcased their product in action with some fun tools that created movement but still kept the visitors focus on the canoes.  We also trimmed the text down to the necessary components and laid it out in a way that was easy to find and process.  Mohawk will also be recieving a social media makeover to be in sync with their new web design.  (This site is still in progress and will be launching very soon.)

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